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DoTween demo in Unity3d -a small slick demo to try the different easing options
Try the demo online in Unity Webplayer

"A tiny demo, which lets your quickly try different easing available in DoTween - the cool tweening engine that run in Unity3d. Has options to let you select a different easing for both axis - X and Y"

Match3 game - boiler plate code - written using Starling engine for Adobe AIR

"A small bejeweled, candy-crush clone, that I made as part of a game jam. Uses pooling, swap mechanics, and has an auto-play feature too. Could be an easy starting point for your match-3 games on Adobe AIR for cross-platform game building to iOS, Android and Web"


"It allows you to add all sound related functionality to your AS3 game within minutes. Supports BG and SFX muting options, playing one SFX from a set of N, either randomly or sequentially, fading of background music and some more common tasks."

Endless 3d Tunnel rendering with OpenGLES

"Coded with Visual studio in the end of 2009, it uses OpenGLES and SDL to render an endless tunnel with a cool green texture. Code is cross-platform and has been ported to iPhone independently and tested."