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The Ultimate Disaster Prevention Checklist For Thrive Architect Beginners

Beginners will avoid 90% of mistakes that mess-up their new thrive architect page design… if they use this checklist. Also aesthetically, it will prevent you from making your visuals amateur. Are you creating page sections to hold every content on your page? Is your page section properly sized (max 1.5x your screen height, unless in […]

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A Better Way For Thrive Themes to Roll Out Their Updates

For the last three years Thrive themes updates have constantly lost thousands of hours for its customers. And I have written already about how to survive these updates (and you save at least $1000 for your business, if you value your time at $50/hr) It’s happened recently with their 2.1.0 “just user interface update”. And now, […]

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Can Text Presentation Make a Difference in Your Conversions?

I’m going to present you 2 cases. First one is for desktop and next is for mobile.  Can you take a look at both these screenshots below? (Clicking thumbnails will open in new tabs) Desktop Variant 1 Desktop Variant 2 Mobile Variant 1 Mobile Variant 2 First, try reading the content. What is the best […]

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Why I Prefer Learning From Mediocre Success Than Massive?

Everyday we come across massively successful people on the internet – people “crushing” it in their business. Oh! look… someone just moved from six-figures to seven-figures. Did you hear about the marketing guru who quadrupled their revenue in 3 days? And her newbie student who has NEVER run a business before, went from zero to […]

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