Make the Sales Page First

This was life changing advice for me. Long ago, I read that whenever an engineer in Amazon has an idea for a new product/service, they are asked to start with the sales page. I do the same thing now when I think of an idea. It doesn’t matter if it is a new service or […]

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I’m Making The Same Mistake My Clients Make

A year ago I was on a discovery/strategy call with a client to discuss creating lead magnets (PDFs, eBooks, Videos, etc.). I asked him what his company can provide that is valuable for their clients. He replied “nothing”. He added that our business is not really an informational business. These PDFs, eBooks won’t really work […]

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No More Bribing

So I feel like I’m going to be blogging more regularly again. So I went back to look at “my mailing list signup funnel” that I setup a long time ago. When I say funnel I’m talking about these 5 things Form (that accepts your email) The nudge message (shown after you submit form that […]

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My Ideal Client

You are, if you… Are passionate about creating jobs, increasing productivity and efficiency. Don’t look at business as just a way to make money, rather you see money as a fuel to create better products / services, serve your customers exceptionally, and improve the business everyday. Don’t worry about competition, rather appreciate them as they […]

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