I Love These Books

This page contains books I loved reading, helped me become who I am professionally, gave me so many perceptions, got me excited and transformed my life. I’d recommend these to anyone without flinching.

I’m grateful to these authors. I hope to create amazing products like these someday.


Full Disclosure: They are affiliate links (I get a small commission if you buy after click the images below). You don’t get charged anything extra. Sometimes you might even get a discount.

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My first full book on branding, and glad I picked it. 95% of the planet thinks branding is logo, colors and stationery 🙂 I thought along similar lines too. This book was an eye-opener. Excellent examples of you should be building a brand instead of mere products. Branding is not something that rich, big companies do, its what made them HUGE.

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This book and the author gets me excited. I never understood when Seth Godin says “great marketers tell stories”. Pick up this one and you will know why, how and what needs to be done. For many business owners this book is an overnight life-changer.

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Don’t mind the manipulative sounding subtitle on the book cover. This is my first book on Copywriting recommended by a Pro. Its what you can call a classic. Great for consuming in chunks as every lesson is self-contained and small. Worth a permanent place on the shelf, gifting to the beginners. You will start seeing the Matrix if you’re new to Copywriting 🙂

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This book is the same format as the previous one. Small chapters that are self-contained and can be read in little chunks. Beware, as often the author contradicts himself. I kept wondering if it was written by the same guy.

This book isn’t going to give you structured advice, instead its a book that will keep you fascinated with interesting facts about how creativity was fused into businesses. It forces you to develop new perspectives when you are stuck. It gives you hope and motivates on some level. Which is why I recommend this book, in spite of its flaws. Its good to have it with you, when you are in a rut and need fresh perspectives on your business and life in general.

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This is not a “how-to” book or a book to learn skills.

Jim Rogers made me change my views on capitalists/capitalism, the idea of it. The author isn’t perfect, but then who is? Its fascinating the way he views the world, his adventures on road across the world.

Book is a ride, and in the end you get to see the vulnerable side of a man like him and things you might have never thought you’ll hear from him. I highly recommend the audio book version read by the author himself.

Famously Recommended Books I Didn’t Connect With

Here are some (famous) books I did not quite connect with, and sometimes didn’t even finish.

Rework (by guys from 37 Signals)

A long term client gifted me this on a large scale web-redesign project completion. This book has 1244 reviews on Amazon averaging 4.5 stars. It has chapters that says exactly what certain type people would want to hear. Especially people who are struggling with their first ‘startup’ and have never launched a business successfully. I’d even go as far to say some of the book is dangerous advice. The guys who wrote this built just one successful company but talk like they’ve built 100s. Its not all bad though. I did like some really good chapters. But the bad ones just overshadow the good ones in my opinion. I still have no idea how Seth Godin recommends this book? A better book would be “The Lean Startup” which is very practical.

Thinking, Fast and Slow

Another famous New York Times Bestseller book with huge ratings on Amazon, which I found extremely tedious, repetitive and hard to keep my focus on. Perhaps I wasn’t the target audience. It seems to be fascinating to people who hear about the concepts discussed in the book for the first time.

Think and Grow Rich

People call this a classic. To me it felt like the things that an empty, cliche, motivational speaker would say. It falls in line with works like “The Secret” where they talk about the power of beliefs and stuff. Perhaps its just that its a really old book. Instead you are better off listening to Tony Robbins who I think is incredible even though he says almost the same things but in a different actionable way.