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Essential DSLR Skills:

Stunning Portrait Photography 101


Is it possible to shoot stunning portraits as a newbie?
I never believed until life pushed me to actually start finding out the real reason why I was not able to shoot good portraits in spite of every effort. For a while I just accepted its the way it is.

Now I can confirm my photos are 10x of what it used to be and keeps growing.

Lessons Include:

1. Intro: How to Shoot Portraits
2. Photos Anatomy | Parts of a good photo
3. DSLR Concepts
4. How to Hold a DSLR
5. How to Setup a DSLR
6. How to Use a DSLR

7. Good Portrait Rules - Part 1
8. Good Portrait Rules - Part 2
9. Lighting 101
10. Subject calibration and location
11. First Easy Portrait Recipes
12. Next Steps to Learning Portrait

BONUS: I’ll also share with you the “inner game” that few photography teachers talk about behind learning the incredibly valuable skill of shooting portraits and three powerful rules that will guarantee your success.

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"I can't tell you how much I am enjoying your live videos on your teaching.  You are awesome and easy to follow.  I shoot great portraits (Just 10 days in now) and getting better everyday."

-- Robin Manning; San Leandro, CA

"What I really appreciate about your teaching, to helping us learn the practical elements of mastering DSLR, is the psychological aspect and how to deal any learner is going to meet. Great lessons, great teacher."

--  Jones Forest, Tel Aviv, Israel

"Thank you for your wonderful online DSLR lessons. teaching photography in China. Last week  I was able shoot portraits,  I was a hit. Could not have done it without your great teaching. Thank you so much"

-- Sandra Gucci; currently in China 

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