Lead magnet is a great saleswoman!

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No one on the planet wants to encounter a bad saleswoman.

And 99% of saleswomen are bad. They are focused on the sale.

And most of your online sales funnel is like a bad saleswoman.

Bad saleswomen are focused on themselves, closing the sales, to use persuasion tricks and not worried about getting repeating sale or referral from the customers.

On the other hand, great saleswomen are a delight to interact with. They always begin the conversation with you. They are curious. They believe there are unlimited customers and not everyone has to be sold to. Instead its about making the connection between a great product and the right customer.

The right customer whose life might change because of the product.

Even if they don’t see a sale happening with a person, they are still going to be generous in giving their attention and some time towards listening to their problems and perhaps proposing solutions. If not today, tomorrow when they might need their product, they will buy from her. Because they trust her and know that she cares.

This is exactly what happens with a lead magnet. It is like a good saleswoman. It offers value first instead of selling. It doesn’t have to be fancy.┬áIt can be a checklist, plan, small guide, mini course, free membership.

Doesn’t need to be packed fancy. It can be a PDF made out of simple words typed on google docs. It can be a casual video recording on your mobile phone. Or just a voice recording!

To the end user, its like a browsing the supermarket store on their own terms and on their own time. Without anyone pestering them to buy.

The people who invented super market are geniuses. You let customers do all the work. Employ lesser salespeople. No haggling on prices (compared to markets those days). And yet get higher sales!

I still can’t believe there are salespeople who haven’t learned how much customers hate encountering a sales person even after seeing the success of supermarkets vs other forms. Perhaps you’ve never heard of other forms. Good for you! You should travel to second and third world countries sometime.

Anyways, like I was saying… offering a lead magnet makes your entire online sales machine become a good saleswoman that people love. That and offering content – like this article you are reading (or hearing right now)

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