The MillDoCo System

MillDoCo is my Million-Dollar-Course System. It is designed to help overwhelmed course creators go from 100K a year in sales to having their first 1M$ year.

This system is intended to take you from being
  • Overwhelmed-with-way-too-many-things-to-do.
  • Worried about not implementing key marketing systems (and missing out on massive growth opportunities)
  • Not having clarity on where you can best spend your time.
  • Frustrated with ‘transactional’ relationships with disappearing freelancers who don’t care about the ‘long term’ reputation of your brand.
  • Tired of being sold ‘one-size-fits-all’ cookie cutter marketing solutions.
to being
  • Clear, calm-headed (knowing the marketing system is taken care of)
  • Assured about having a deep visibility into marketing processes / progress everyday
  • Able to hire/develop relationships with long-term service provider/partners
  • Able to focus more on the course creation side of the business
and having
  • Sophisticated tools at your disposal that gives you data to clearly plan ahead.
  • A good grip on the entire marketing funnel right from the moment a potential student discovers your brand until they become long-term loyal patrons and advocates.
  • Peace of mind knowing that the marketing systems are efficient and well-oiled.

Some key activities of the MillDoCo system

  • Know where you stand (setup measurement systems and dashboard)
  • Magnetise your brand with our authentic voice workshop and build long-term loyal students. Go beyond transactional relationships with your audience.
  • MillDoCo marketing automation campaigns – some automations > the rest.
  • Continuous conversion optimisation system setup. (aka. MillDoCo CoCo-Ops)
  • Upsells, easy new offers without creating new products.
  • Instant revenue from new markets + geo-pricing.

Packages start from $5000.


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