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How to Learn AI & ML Without Any Experience In 2022
By Alex Kidd
This course will teach you how to leverage the powerful new features of 6.0 to build the next generation of applications.
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What you'll learn in this course

The platform has seen major changes over the last several years, due to the split between Core and the Framework.

In this course, What’s New in 6.0, you’ll learn how completes the work of 5.0 to unify, while continuing to provide modern, cross features.

First, you’ll discover what .6.0 has to offer and how to work with this new version. Then, you’ll explore the latest capabilities and updates to Pages, MC, and API, as well as the overall tooling. Next, you’ll dive into the exciting new features, which continues to evolve and mature as a technology.

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction to the course 2m
  2. What you’ll learn 3m
  3. Recommended tool setup 5m

  1. Download necessary software 4m
  2. Setting up the permissions on Windows 1m
  3. Setting up permission on Mac OSX 1m
  4. Special instructions for M1 Mac (Apple Silicon) 1m
  5. First test run and verification 3m
  6. Getting started with the basic commands necessary for practice 6m

  1. Foundations of the AI & ML paradigms 11m
  2. Skyscraper model for building ML applications 9m
  3. Popular frameworks for quickly prototyping 23m
  4. Will AI turn against you? How to protect yourself and your loved ones? 4m
  5. Issac Asimov’s warning that you can never forget! 8m

  1. Stealing data from the data stealers 11m
  2. Presenting for input collection with lazy method 21m
  3. Test-run 5m
  4. Debugging the bugging bugs 11m
  5. How to present features as bugs 9m

  1. Most people don’t understand AI! 11m
  2. It is good for you, just play along. How? 4m
  3. Selling with AI and improving with ML 34m
  4. A full example of a project completed from scratch to finish 57m

About the author

Alex Kidd

Mr.Kidd is passionate about AI and mastering ML. He has years of experience working exclusively with the AI/ML paradigms and related platforms.

Mr.Kidd is also a Certified Professional in both AI and ML Application development and CSS 51 technologies. He loves forgetting new things!

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Course Info
Dec 9, 2025
2h 4m