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I’ve worked closely with dozens of developers over more than 15 years and Raj is the best yet. He understands the business side of e-commerce not only the technical. On the technical side it’s not an exaggeration to call him a bit of a genius. But what makes him so valuable are his great collaboration and project skills combined with super high standards. He’s always looking for the elegant solution and thinks ahead. He communicates clearly and has a real sense of integrity and accountability. Raj recently built a new website for us that has blown away our expectations in every area. He’s doing a great job turning our marketing processes into online solutions. And he’s done it with a friendly spirit and a good sense for the time and resource constraints and the relative importance of various aspects. I am looking forward to working with him long term and I could not recommend him highly enough.

Raph Keene – Co-founder, Natural Fertility Sarl., Switzerland.

Success Stories

Turning Around A Fitness Membership Site By Redesigning One Page.
From Zero to Attracting 40+ Fortune 500 Leads Without Any Ads!

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Strategy Sessions

Roadmapping, discovery and clarity.
Starts at $100/hr

Landing Page Optimization

Your landing page - at its fullest potential.
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Full Website Revamp

Super charge your growth hacking.
Starts at $5000

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You're looking to grow exponentially and give your teams wings so they can fly.

Your website is a major bottleneck that keeps you from scaling

You'd like new perspectives, strategies and bring in outside the box thinking

We should not work together if

You're just starting out & haven't found your first set of customers

Your company is less than 2 years old and you haven't figured out your ideal buyer

You think Apple's products are overrated, overhyped and for losers.

Not only does he try to understand your problems he tries to understand the problems of your customers too. This inquisitive mindset leads to great results. We’ve worked together on a few projects now and I can honestly say he has over-delivered on every occasion. I look forward to working with him again soon and you should too.

Jonathan Bramley - Founder/CEO of The Clear Idea, UK.

"I had a lot of issues handling the operations and marketing side of my business.  There was nobody to lead marketing activities, we didn't have a marketing strategy in place. I had to do everything from product to platform to marketing by myself. And I couldn't focus on any of these fully. I needed someone to take over the website and marketing side of things and lead it, build marketing strategy, run campaigns and monitor results.

During our time working together, Raj identified a better email marketing solution and set up email marketing campaigns that would continuously engage our user base.  Did a branding exercise, understood our business and came up with our core values. Built a new learning platform from scratch that alleviated issues with our existing platform. We also ran Rafflepress campaigns to generate additional leads. These allowed me to focus on working on things that I am good at.  Our work together helped me focus on our courses which is an important aspect of our platform, as well as growing our team.  

Raj is a smart and talented marketer with good leadership skills, knowledge of modern technology and tools, and great communication skills. His ability to research and identify the right solutions, setup automation and lead a team of developers helped us build a new learning platform from scratch and provide our users with a better experience."

Mumshad Mannambeth - Founder/CEO of

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  • All services come with 100% refund if not satisfied.
  • For websites built, I provide support with monthly packages.
  • You will work directly with me (no sub-contractors, juniors)

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