Foundational Tip: Create Landing Pages That Convert Like a Pro Even as a Beginner [Video]

I made my first scripted video.. sort of. I’m excited as I loved recording this.

This video covers the mobile-only-copy method which helps you create effective landing pages that convert like a pro, without thinking too much. Especially for beginner it can be used as a framework that forces you to make only the right choices for your landing page.

  1. Let me know what you think of this video in the comments below.
  2. What part of the landing page creation process do you struggle the most in?

Triggers, The Book

Below is the link to the book I talk about in my video by Joseph Sugarman (who is famous for selling 20 million amazing BluBlocker sunglasses with a newspaper ad)

Click image below to buy the book on Amazon/Kindle.

Its an affiliate link, but I never recommend anything unless I don’t absolutely LOVE it. And this book is worth having a paperback copy in your shelf for years to go back and read, again and again.

  • Allen says:

    I liked the video Rajavanya. The start was hilarious and made me watch it all. It’s best just being yourSelf.

  • Chris says:

    Great tips Rajavanya….I hate writing but with your tips, that will make it easier! Brilliant to constrain to mobile scrolling and will get the book you recommended. Cheers.

    • Rajavanya Subramaniyan says:

      Thanks for sharing, that is exactly who this useful for (when you hate writing. I do too, often when I keep getting distracted or go on a rant mode).

      Adding constraints almost always helps you move forward faster.
      Another book I absolutely fell in love recently is “Storybrand” by Donald Miller.

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