My Ideal Client

You are, if you…

  • Are passionate about creating jobs, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Don’t look at business as just a way to make money, rather you see money as a fuel to create better products / services, serve your customers exceptionally, and improve the business everyday.
  • Don’t worry about competition, rather appreciate them as they challenge you and inspire you to innovate.
  • Have seen the ups and down of a business and learnt to deal with it calmly and decisively.
  • Are okay with being vulnerable when needed without feeling threatened or insecure about it.
  • Work regularly on expanding your awareness and mindfulness.
  • Pursue self-development regularly.
  • Practice gratitude, seek balance and have developed strong boundaries.
  • Have an abundance mentality more than scarcity mentality.
  • Love the outdoors!

You are not if…

  • You pursue business and money to prove something (to yourself, everyone around you or the entire world)
  • You have trouble attracting talented people and getting them to share the vision of your business.
  • You feel the need to control and be in control every minute.
  • You feel the need to be different to different people to get work done, rather than attracting the right team that shares your core values and letting things flow naturally.
  • You’re too polite, avoid conflicts at any case and hate when challenged by the people you work with.
  • You’re a Gary Vee fan and look at life as a constant hustle.
  • People often take advantage of you for being a good person.
  • It is really hard to find people you can work with, and once you find them, you feel like you’re stuck with them and their shortcomings.
  • You often feel like you’re just unlucky.

I came up with this list as I had nothing else to blog about today. But it has been something I avoided from a lot of “client persona” and marketing exercises.

Every marketing lesson starts with “define your client”, “develop their persona” etc., and I’ve always been kinda scared to put my foot down and say this is exactly who I want to work with.

But here it is and looks like times are changing for good.

What are your thoughts about this?