No More Bribing

So I feel like I’m going to be blogging more regularly again. So I went back to look at “my mailing list signup funnel” that I setup a long time ago.

When I say funnel I’m talking about these 5 things

  1. Form (that accepts your email)
  2. The nudge message (shown after you submit form that asks you to confirm your email)
  3. The “please confirm” nudge email.
  4. Post confirmation page you see after you click ‘confirm’ on step 3.
  5. My first automated thank you email.

Most of the times when I want to quote-on-quote “reinvent” a part of myself in life, I withdraw myself from as many stimuli as possible that keep me going on the same path everyday.

I had disabled all of my email opt-in forms in Thrive Leads for a while. I had stopped working for a while too. Seth Godin’s email yesterday seems to say something similar to what I do.

So, today I went back to turn on the disabled Thrive Leads opt-in forms. I could see that I was trying to get people to signup with my free Thrive Architect templates.

It is hard to remember why I set them up, as the past has passed and I didn’t write journals about it. Only thing I can do is guess. I guess I was following what was suggested by people out there who I wanted to mimic. I was simply following a formula and treating people like subjects in a science experiment. There was also more selfishness and manipulation behind going after what I want.

Lot has evolved since then. Drip renamed the subscribers tab to “people”. I think I see the meaning behind it. I want to work with people and businesses that create ‘win-win’-s, than just focusing on one of those two-wins. (I know… I just wrote two-wins)

And the first step is as always is to change myself.

I’m making the templates free without having to signup. I’ve removed the bribe for signing up to my email list. This doesn’t mean incentive to signup is always bad, but in this case it doesn’t serve the purpose of this blog.