Recreate Apple Homepage in Thrive Architect – Do it along video tutorial

A crazy thought took over me today and I reacted to it.

I thought what if… I made a full blown video tutorial of recreating homepage for you. And so here it is, a 58 minute video tutorial of how to recreate homepage in Thrive Architect.

This is made to be “do-it-along” style. So grab your coffee and power up Thrive Architect! Let do this.

Here is link to the live demo (screenshot below) of what you will be making. It is a clone of current homepage.


  1. 58 minutes time
  2. Thrive architect installed
  3. Download this zip file of images we need (I also show how to download them in the video)

The Video Tutorial

Important: Read before you begin

  • Until 6:33 I show you how to download images.
  • Start at 6:33 (after downloading images via link above) if don’t want to learn how to download the images from homepage. I show how to use chrome inspector to download images even if you cannot “right-click save as” on the browser.
  • Important timestamps
    • 15:05 – Creating header
    • 20:50 – Finish header and start hero section
    • 29:18 – Next sections
    • 45:45 – Last bottom section

Go ahead create your versions and share it in the comments!