The Ultimate Disaster Prevention Checklist For Thrive Architect Beginners

Beginners will avoid 90% of mistakes that mess-up their new thrive architect page design… if they use this checklist.

Also aesthetically, it will prevent you from making your visuals amateur.

  1. Are you creating page sections to hold every content on your page?
  2. Is your page section properly sized (max 1.5x your screen height, unless in special cases you can go up to 3x).
  3. Are you setting up a default left/right padding for every page section you create? (min. 15px recommended) This will save 80% of mobile optimising time.
  4. Don’t use the colour control on the text directly as much as possible. Set them globally for the page in the landing page text settings (only once for H1 to H6, text and links). Then use the H1-H6 for various text you want.
  5. When you use max-width setting under layout and positioning, make sure it’s not in % mode accidentally. If you need % mode instead of PX mode, make sure you think about how it will look when you move it inside another container, or how it might look in mobile screen.
  6. When using anything that allows you options in % mode or PX mode, make sure it is not  in % mode by accident. Think about what % mode means in various screen sizes and parent containers.
  7. Use the Alignment setting under layout and positioning for anything other than text.
  8. Don’t overuse bold, underline and italic set for individual text elements (a common mistake – overusing this takes away the importance/functionality of bold/italics and creates irritation for the readers).
  9. Don’t tweak individual text font-size, line height and letter spacing, unless its absolutely essential. Control them from global landing page text settings only in most cases. This will also avoid making your page look amateur.
  10. Don’t use custom self-hosted videos in TA video control unless it perfect 16:9 ratio. (They might fix this in the future)
  11. Don’t over-do the text shadow effect. Unless its globally setup.

I might release a part 2 of this checklist. Ask me if you need explanations for any of the points above.