Traffic numbers are meaningless

“What is the traffic your website gets right now? Do you have google analytics installed?”

When I started my career, if the potential client said “just ten people or less per day”, my first thought is – “that’s not enough traffic for anything”.

Fast forward a few years, so many myths about numbers are busted in my head. I was wrong in so many ways.

Anyways, I’m thankful that life has shown me how… even with a massive size of people, it is possible that not one person may convert. And how even with just 10 people a day visiting your website, you can generate four pages of high quality leads in your CRM where half of them are from Fortune 500 companies.

I mean, now it makes total sense.

Why would percentages and numbers simply mean anything on their own?

Would the world’s greatest lead generation offer to help “experienced psychologists” generate signups when, sent to a million motivated hardworking construction workers?

It is about what you say + to who + when.

Duh. Obvious. No?

To me it wasn’t.

I hope you don’t make the same mistake. Even if you have 10 people or less per day on your website, it can loads of missed opportunities.

Sure, they might not buy as soon as they land on your website. But if you’re willing to hold hands, educate, listen and connect a little bit everyday, the probability of them buying in a week or two can be way higher than now.

Traffic numbers are meaningless and can never be an indicator of quality.