What Is the Optimum Number of Questions When Using Thrive Quiz Builder so That It Is Not Too Long or Too Short?

This post was originally an answer by me in our Free Facebook group (Learn Thrive Themes + Plugins). Question was posted by our member Zakia R and I’m re-posting it here for everyone’s benefit.

Her question: “When using Quiz Builder, is there a certain number of questions we should aim so that it is not too long or too short?”

My reply below

There are no definite answers as it really depends on your audience. But here are some general guidelines that are mostly true.

  1. Always start with an extremely easy question with just 2 choices or a simple yes/no question. This is so that the barrier to entry is as easy as possible. Try to avoid deep subjective questions at the beginning. Make sure the answer can be clear, straightforward and not blurry (blurry = possible answers like maybe, sometimes in quiz takers heads)
  2. Keep the second question also relatively simple. If a person is already invested in your quiz and has completed 2 questions, they are more likely to stay and complete the rest. Hence the advice to keep the first 2 questions simple.
  3. Make sure your quiz takers don’t drop in between. This usually happens because people do not want to select wrong answers (and receive wrong results / irrelevant emails). So provide options that covers all/most of your audience. These options can be (maybe, sometimes, I don’t remember, Not sure).
  4. I personally avoid answer-gating as much as possible. It feels like holding hostage. Instead give away result and up-sell them to join your list to receive more relevant information. But this is a personal preference.
  5. Keep your quiz 3-7 questions. For longer quizzes, you will need to design your questions to be personalized based on previous answers. Or else they might lose interest answering a long list of generic questions.

Dear reader, please add your input to the comments section and share your quiz experiences to help others.