Can you setup WooCommerce on Thrive Themes?

You can. But I don’t recommend it. Not if, the main purpose of your site is to be an e-commerce website.

I will explain you the details.

Over the years, I have served a huge array of clients with a variety of requests related to Thrive themes. They ask for customisation, mobile optimisation, making child themes, and also integrating woocommerce with thrive themes.

After working on two such woocommerce related projects, I started to pass on tasks like that. Even though it is possible, its a HUGE amount of work to get even of basics of it looking good, usable and right.

It needs a huge amount of customisation in terms of CSS. And then you might also need to child theme and modify the woocommerce PHP files.

So what do I recommend?

First, ask yourself

  • Are you trying to setup a full fledged ecommerce site?
  • Are your products going to have multiple screenshots, a full page description with images and sections?
  • Do you need an extensive cart modification functionality?
  • Do you expect simple basic UI elements of every ecommerce store to make the user experience easy? E.g. Like wanting a  + and – button on your # of items box. (See this demo woocommerce store by thrive themes, and notice how the product page doesn’t have a button to increase count of the product)

If you answered yes to questions above, then don’t use thrive themes for an ecommerce store. Simple.

But if you want to sell a courses, informational products etc which don’t require extensive cart modification functionality, you will do just fine with Thrive Themes.

Thrive themes wasn’t built specially for running an ecommerce store using woocommerce. Its built for lead generation, conversion, content, membership etc.

  1. So I suggest setup a subdomain. If your domain is, then setup a Make it a separate wordpress install, get a nice clean minimal wordpress theme (its an affiliate link, but I love and recommend the theme) that supports woocommerce out of the box. The theme is 59$, but trust me you will save loads of time compared to trying to punch thrive themes to look good with woocommerce.
  2. Use the exact same fonts, logo and colors that you use on your thrive themes site, so that when the user switches between the store site and content/membership site, they get a seamless experience.

But again… if you are selling just few products, and you don’t really need a special product page, special cart experience etc. And all you need is for the user to click on “add to cart” from your sales page, see a checkout page and finish payment, then don’t bother to setup this special store subdomain.

I am a thrive themes consultant myself and been following the forums and company closely. Their roadmap doesn’t have any new woocommerce features in the near future as of writing this post. Their support for woocommerce was just to clear an objection that many users might have before buying their themes.

Leave a comment below if you have specific questions.

  • Felix says:

    Thank you for stating it as it is. You help me. I love some thrive products but the themes are not e-commerce friendly.

    • Thrive Themes Expert Designer says:

      Thanks for dropping by Felix. Yes, sad. I share the same views on their products.

      New thrive architect seems pretty good, after all these weeks of bug fixes.

  • Steve Hodgson says:

    Good idea on the subdomain. I was just looking around to see what I could do for a possible job for a client who I’ve already built a website for using Thrive Architect. The client has been hinting about adding an online store and I like WooCommerce. I’ll use your link to the theme if/when I get the go ahead. Does the Savoy theme have good customisation options?

    • Rajavanya Subramaniyan says:

      I have no idea why I wasn’t notified of this comment, though I had comment notification email enabled.

      Savoy theme is customizable very much when it comes to layouts. Also I’m biased by its excellent design and lightweight page for load speed.
      But when it comes to woocommerce product/shop page elements that can be customised, some other themes like Flatsome were slightly more customizable with lot of option. But on the other hand, Savoy served my purpose with the amount of customizations, so I went with it.

    • Rajavanya Subramaniyan says:

      Your site landing page looks great btw. Nice work!

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