Setup WooCommerce on Thrive Themes – Video Tutorial

As a compliment to my other blog post on using WooCommerce with Thrive Themes, I made a 10 minute screen casted video tutorial about how to setup WooCommerce and what the end result looks like.

This was made as a reply to a comment question on my previous blog post by Linda. Thank you Linda for posting your comment. I thank my readers for making my blog more useful for everybody by leaving valuable comments.

Important Timestamps

00:00 – Short intro

00:21 – Installing and setup WooCommerce

00:43 – Setup Wizard: Store Setup

01:39 – Setup Wizard: Shipping

01:39 – Setup Wizard: Shipping

02:25 – Setup Wizard: Jetpack

03:44 – Creating the first (digital) product

04:19 – Adding downloadable files for the first digital product

06:14 – Adding first physical product

08:02 – Look at the shop with 2 products

08:17 – Don’t use WooCommerce product gallery with Thrive Themes (example of how its broken)

09:11 – Pages auto-generated by WooCommerce on setup

09:29 – Setup your new shop as your website home page

Important Note

While WooCommerce is clearly the major market share holder for all e-commerce sites on the internet, they can be “too much” for smaller use cases.

If you can use hosted platforms like Gumroad, Sendowl or WooCommerce alternative plugins like ‘Easy digital downloads’, please do that. They are often way easier to setup, configure and use.

There are plenty of use cases where people make 5 to 6 figure sales just using Gumroad for example.

Drop your comments below if you have questions or thoughts.