Why I Prefer Learning From Mediocre Success Than Massive?

Everyday we come across massively successful people on the internet – people “crushing” it in their business.

Oh! look… someone just moved from six-figures to seven-figures.

Did you hear about the marketing guru who quadrupled their revenue in 3 days? And her newbie student who has NEVER run a business before, went from zero to a million in just 3 months!

Its all fancy stories, overnight successes and you-are-wasting-your-time-instead-of-this schemes. What I hate about these type of stories is that they undermine people getting mediocre successes.

Its not front-page material if you go from 0 subscribers to 30 subscribers in a month. 1 subscriber per day is still an achievement. You’ve created something that has managed to attract 1 person per day digitally, to listen to what you have to say, without you having to be there physically. Isn’t that something?

Anyways, I see stuff like this as nothing more than vanity on social media. People paying attention to the rare 0.001% of the world.

There are a few caveats with paying attention to people like them

  • They are just an illusion – Its just a page or an instagram profile with a condensed view of the most successful moments of their life. What about every boring day of their history? Their failures before? You would be surprised to see what happens behind the scenes. And no photos/blog posts/case studies have been written about their mediocre days. I remember a successful person once said – “My overnight success took me 8 years”.
  • They just make you feel bad – “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Nuff said.
  • They seem so far from where we are right now – They all started from scratch, sure. But capturing details of their current successes and ignoring countless days of their past where nothing happened isn’t helping us feel like its achievable. I’d feel more achievable looking at someone who makes $1000-$10000 per month online than our “Seven-figure Shannon” who preaches me without empathy.
  • They are way too perfect – Look at their fancy photoshoots, expensive looking websites, high paid teams. Unless we have all those, we can’t be as successful. Right? (Well let us just stop and think about how they got all the money to spend for their photo/videographers, web design agencies and their employees)

These are the reasons why I love what I am about to share with you

How about a page full of people (230+ as of writing this) who all have just made their first $1000 online?

I loved going through it. So many insights. So much inspiration.

Some of them made me go – “People pay for this? Really?”

Some made me go – “How is this website even generating sales?” or “This is some really bad copywriting”

They are so imperfect.

And I love that.

Here’s the link to a page full of mediocre successes

P.S. Sorry for pulling a Mark Manson today. Wasn’t my intention.