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What Is the Optimum Number of Questions When Using Thrive Quiz Builder so That It Is Not Too Long or Too Short?

This post was originally an answer by me in our Free Facebook group (Learn Thrive Themes + Plugins). Question was posted by our member Zakia R and I’m re-posting it here for everyone’s benefit. Her question: “When using Quiz Builder, is there a certain number of questions we should aim so that it is not […]

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The Ultimate Disaster Prevention Checklist For Thrive Architect Beginners

Beginners will avoid 90% of mistakes that mess-up their new thrive architect page design… if they use this checklist. Also aesthetically, it will prevent you from making your visuals amateur. Are you creating page sections to hold every content on your page? Is your page section properly sized (max 1.5x your screen height, unless in […]

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